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Community... FR
Camcorder to other mediums... FR
This site is SO NICE!... uMi
1 year - 17.434 views... FR
13 new movies... FR

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Sylt Beach 10214
Bull riding 9756
Berlin Academy 9722
How to learn ice-skating... 9591
Cape of Good Hope 9103
Cat Fight 8381
Roppongi 7731
Akahabara 7382

Movie of the day
After 1 1/2 years of presence we have besides a lot of traffic not achived our goal to create a vivid communtity.
To reach this objective we now search for partner to promote the website and ideas to enhance the attraction of this platform.
Additionally, we will start a new round of gathering movies. The traffic, maybe just produced by search-engines spidering the website is immense. We will have to adjust some server-settings to block them of downloading the movies again and again.

Anyway, we search for partner. If you are interested, please contact us via the forum. 

Sun Jan 29  Posted by: FR

1 year - 17.434 views
After one year of presence in the internet the movies of have been viewed over 15.000 times. This number perfectly counterarguments the critics who said an internet platform with movies wouldnt be successful due to low bandwidth.
I hope in the next weeks and month the forum will come alive and more and more videos will be sent to us.
We are looking forward seeing more. 

Sat Jul 23  Posted by: FR

13 new movies
Finally, we were able to upload 13 new movies from Japan and Thailand. With those videos we are now having more than 50 videos already. 22th of Jan. 61 videos.

Sat Jan 22  Posted by: FR

48 movies
The last weeks we spend some time to gather some new movies and to finish up some search-engine optimization. We are still having around 10 movies which need to be downsized until we can finally upload them. In the close future we will try to get more user on this website to finally develop our community.
Thank you for your support 

Thu Jan 06  Posted by: FR

playing mov-files

we have been notified that some user have problems viewing the mov-movies.

to fully run those movies you will need the newest version of quicktime. you can download at free at
If you experience further problems please do not hestitate to ask in the forums.


Sun Jul 11  Posted by: FR

We are happy to announce...
We finally made it to accept mpg-files, too. It has been tested and the first movie is up as I have seen...
If you have problems watching the movies (looks dodgy or is not a clear stream), just load the movie a second time after you are through with it. This will show the movie very smoothly.


Fri Jul 02  Posted by: Marlen

Every member is allowed to upload his movies. Currently we support wav, mpeg and avi with a limited size to 3MB. Mov-files do not work on this server till now. We hopefully get this resolved soon.
It will take a while uploading, but be sure, downloading will be much faster.
After having your movie uploaded a moderator needs to approve the movie.

Thu Jul 01  Posted by: FR

movie-on.con goes online
Finally we have gathered all our energy to start this new project. As you see, we are just building up this page. Therefore we excuse any inconvinience during the next weeks.

So what is
Its the first place in the internet for online movies shot by you. You, that means you in your city, your stadium, your mountains, your party. This place is meeting the world.

The core system of works for avi, mov, mpeg and wav. If we find out more compatible movie-types we will extend our capabilities.

We hope you enjoy the movies. 

Thu Jul 01  Posted by: FR

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